Open Source Software
Open Source Hardware
Evolutive aspects

- Rapid production of different versions

- production of versions takes considerable time & resources

- Rapid pruning of mistakes & bad versions

- testing takes time & resources

- robustness: can be forked at will, always already several competing versions

- forking takes time & resources

- copies of a version are nearly perfect

- copies as good as the producer of the copy

- What is the time-frame of a typical revision cycle?!?

- slower, can this be quantified?

- self-organisation with Internet tools
- self-organisation, but real world resources needed

Linus' Law: "Given enough eyeballs, are bugs are shallow"
- several developers working in parallel on same code

- only a limited number of developers can work on a version, production of parallel versions costly

- the raw material is free or owned by the developers

- raw material comes with a price, may even be scarce

- the tools of production are free or owned by the developers

- tools come with a price, may even be scarce

- the end product works as new raw material
- end product may be wasted, or otherwise removed from the productive cycle

- virtual organisation, no production space needed
- real production space needed, real world travel necessary